New York boy’s reaction when reunited with lost dog is priceless

Sometimes, the greatest gift is not found under a Christmas tree. And for one New York boy, a lost pug received a heartfelt hug.

A boy who lost his dog several weeks ago had an emotional reunion with his 2-year-old dog Dec. 3, WGRZ reported. April Licata, of Rochester, surprised her son when she picked him up at school. The pug, named Piper, wagged his tail furiously in the front seat of the family car as he saw Carter Licata approach, the television station reported.

The boy’s reaction was priceless.

The dog was lost around Thanksgiving, WGRZ reported. The family had let Piper out of the house for a bathroom break, but he never came back.

April Licata posted notices and made several pleas on social media in an attempt to track the animal, but her efforts were fruitless until Dec. 2. That's when April Licata received a telephone call from the Genessee County Animal Shelter, the television station reported.

Officials told April Licata there was a dog matching Piper's description, and she confirmed it was the family dog, WGRZ reported.

When Carter Licata got off from school Dec. 3, his pet was waiting for him, decked out in bows. The pair had an emotional reunion as April Licata filmed it, the television station reported.

Piper’s return was likely the biggest gift the Licata family will receive this Christmas.

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