Nightmare in Colorado: Tarantulas on the move looking for mates

A Colorado creepy courtship will soon begin as thousands of spiders scurry across the Centennial State looking for a mate.

And it's not your average spider, it's the terrifying (for some) tarantulas.

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They're expected to start showing up before the end of the month in La Junta and other parts of southeast Colorado. Most are males looking for a female. The peak time for those who are interested, or brave enough, to see the spiders on the move is Sept 10, The Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

They're the Oklahoma brown tarantulas, around the age of 10, according to an entomology professor at Colorado State University who spoke with the Gazette.

Most of the time tarantulas, which are one of the biggest spiders in North America, are mostly harmless to humans. They can bite and will shoot their hairs at attackers. They can be irritating to eyes, mouths and nose.

For more information on the tarantulas, click here.

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