Officials capture African Warthog running wild in Florida

Credit: Ian Walton

Credit: Ian Walton

An animal only native in the sub-Sahara of Africa was captured by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials last month in St. Lucie County.

The African Warthog wandered through wooded areas and backyards for several days in the suburbs just north of Fort Pierce, TC Palm reports.

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FWC officials said they were informed about the warthog on March 4, and set up several food traps that were unsuccessful. Residents told TC Palm that the animal was not afraid of people, and "was friendly when offered food."

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But the warthog was still dangerous because it could have carried diseases that could impact other animals, FWC spokeswoman Carol Lynn Parrish said to TC Palm.

To own the animal a person would need a captive wildlife license approved by the state, but officials “couldn’t locate the owner,” Parrish said.

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Officials captured the warthog on March 8 after one FWC officer tackled the animal while a biologist ran over and set it into a trap, TC Palm reports.

The officer suffered some cuts to his legs while containing the warthog. Veterinarians with the FWC euthanized the animal so they could examine it for diseases, Parrish said to TC Palm.

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