Peacocks on the loose snarl Philadelphia traffic

A new take on an old joke --why did the peacock cross the road? It apparently wasn’t just to get to the other side. It was in an effort to escape the zoo.

Peacocks, which left the Philadelphia Zoo, were seen trying to cross Interstate 76, also known as the Schuylkill Expressway, in Philadelphia, WCAU reported.

A state police trooper ushered them to the side of the highway, KYW reported.

Two lanes of the interstate had to be shut down as the police herded the wayward birds, backing up traffic for miles, WCAU reported.

Zoo officials told KYW that it's not odd for the peacocks to leave the zoo for an outing.

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“The Zoo is home to a free-roaming peacock flock that lives on Zoo grounds and is cared for by the Zoo’s animal and veterinary staff. The peacocks do sometimes venture past the Zoo’s gates and typically return home on their own,” officials said in a statement to local media.

Two of the peacocks were helped over a wall on the highway. Two others roosted in a tree nearby. The zoo said they were leaving the peacocks be until morning because it was the safest decision for not only the staff but the birds as well, KYW reported. Staff and police were going to resume the rescue once morning broke.

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