People line up to legally buy recreational marijuana in Chicago

Credit: Paul Beaty/AP

Credit: Paul Beaty/AP

A new law that made recreational marijuana legal in Illinois took effect Jan. 1, and lines of customers were already gathered outside Chicago dispensaries Wednesday morning.

Some dispensaries were opening as early as 6 a.m., WGN reported. At the Sunnyside dispensary, the line of customers wrapped around the corner.

Both Illinois residents and nonresidents such as tourists can purchase recreational marijuana in the state now, but nonresidents aren't able to buy as much product as residents. According to WMAQ, here is the breakdown of the amounts and types of cannabis products customers can purchase:

Illinois residents age 21 and over can have:

• 30 grams of cannabis flower

• 5 grams of cannabis concentrate

• 500 milligrams of THC-infused products (edibles)

Non-Illinois residents 21 and over can possess half of these amounts. Recreational marijuana will be sold through state-licensed dispensaries, WMAQ reported. Public consumption of marijuana is still banned.

Customers should note that for now, all transactions will be cash-based; no credit cards will be accepted. All customers will be required to show a valid state ID before making a purchase.

Illinois lawmakers projects $57 million in tax revenue and licensing fees in the first year, WMAQ reported.

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