Pilots say they saw a UFO over Arizona last month

Two pilots weren’t sure what they saw in the sky last month over Arizona, but they asked about it anyway and the Federal Aviation Administration is releasing the tapes from the conversation that night.

First a Learjet pilot asked air traffic control in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Feb. 24 if controllers saw anything passing above the plane, CNN reported. The controller said nothing showed up, but the pilot said something did. Someone in the background can be heard saying, "A UFO," as the pilot laughed and said, "Yeah."

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A short time later, the controller alerted a nearby American Airlines flight that the Learjet pilot reported something passing over the first plane.

Moments later, the pilot of the Airbus A321 said that something flew 2,000 to 3,000  feet above his plane, CNN reported.

The plane was flying over Arizona on the way from San Diego to Dallas.

An FAA spokesperson said the agency is not sure what flew over both planes, but it may not be something extraterrestrial.

The spokesperson said that there are high-altitude weather balloons and other aircraft that operate in that area but the controller was not able to pinpoint aircraft at the time, CNN reported.

The controller said the pilot described the unidentified flying object as having “a big reflection” and “was traveling several thousand feet above us, going the opposite direction.”

The sighting happened near Roswell, New Mexico, the site where, what many believe, was a UFO crashed in 1947. The government said it wasn't a UFO back then, either; it  claimed it was a weather balloon, CNN reported.

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