Pit bull 'hijacks' police car, eats officer's beef jerky

A pit bull was out and about in a Texas neighborhood and ended up getting a snack in the process.

According to a Facebook post from Kilgore Police Chief Todd Hunter, an officer was dispatched on an animal control call Saturday. A grey pit bull was in the Kilgore, Texas, area.

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"Since we don't have 24/7 Animal Control, our Officers often answer these types of calls after hours," Hunter said in the Saturday night post. "Many times we can handle the issue without calling the animal control Officer out. The Officer located this dog running at large and thought he might be able to quickly capture it."

According to Hunter, the responding officer attempted to get the dog, named Cujo by the department, into the back seat of his patrol vehicle. He left the driver’s door open as he did so.

“Cujo decided he wasn't going to jail and instead jumped into the front seat. As the Officer tried to get him out of the front driver’s seat, Cujo became aggressive,” Hunter wrote. “The door was shut to prevent injury to the dog or officer. The Officer’s car had been hijacked!!! This critter wasn't coming out. He was now enjoying the A/C and the Officer’s beef jerky.”

Hunter said he heard some commotion about the so-called hijacking over the police radio and asked about it. The responding Officer texted him a photo of the dog in the driver’s seat of the police vehicle.

Hunter said an animal control officer arrived sometime later and took in Cujo. He is now at Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center, several miles away. According to a comment from the animal shelter, he’s being “super sweet.”

“The only injury sustained in this incident was to the Officer’s pride,” Hunter wrote.

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