Proposed Maryland legislation would fine anyone who releases balloons

Letting balloons drift away in the wind could be a costly action in Maryland if a proposed bill becomes law.

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Under the provisions of a bill introduced by Maryland state Sen. Clarence Lam, people who violate the statute would be subject to a $250 fine, WJZ reported.

Lam, a Democrat, said he hoped the bill would reduce the amount of waste in the environment and would raise awareness in how to properly dispose of balloons, the television station reported.

Lam said people would be fined but would not be subject to time in jail, WJZ reported. Children also will be exempt from prosecution.

The proposed bill comes two months after St. Anne's County officials passed a similar measure, The Dispatch of Ocean City reported.

Lam said balloon waste from releases sometimes ends up in farms and waterways, harming the environment, WJZ reported.

“What goes up must come down, and you won’t know where they will land,” Lam told the television station.

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