45 purebred ragdoll cats rescued from 'out of control' breeding operation

A breeder who admitted her cat breeding operation had gotten 'out of control' has surrendered 45 cats to the MSPCA, according to a release.

The breeder has not been identified because the 45 purebred ragdoll cats were voluntarily surrendered in what the MSPCA calls its largest single-home cat surrender in at least five years.

The cats are in good health, according to the MSPCA, and will be at the organization's Jamaica Plain shelter and Nevins Farm in Methuen.

They were rescued from a farm in Central Massachusetts and will be available for adoption soon.

The MSPCA says most of them will need extensive dental work and at least one will have surgery to remove mammary tumors.

MSPCA officials say the cats are very social and have gorgeous coats and blue eyes. The cats are large with semi-long hair.

Ragdoll cats are reputed for being docile and friendly for families.

The MSPCA says they are anticipating high demand for the cats and encourages people to come meet the cats at one of the shelters during business hours.

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