Raiders, Packers play on 80-yard field due to issues with turf in Winnipeg stadium

Credit: John Woods/The Canadian Press via AP

Credit: John Woods/The Canadian Press via AP

Thursday night's NFL preseason game in Winnipeg gave new meaning to the term "shortening the field."

The Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders were forced to play on an 80-yard field instead of the regulation 100 yards, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Because of holes in the end zones of IG Field -- where the goalposts for the Canadian Football League's larger field are usually planted -- officials had to improvise, ESPN reported.

In addition, kickoffs were eliminated in the game and the 10-yard lines were converted into the goal lines, the Journal Sentinel reported.

The Raiders, who were designated as the home team for the preseason game, won 22-21.

In a statement, the NFL said the game was being played on "a reconfigured field."

"Concerns arose today surrounding the area where the Blue Bombers' goalposts were previously located. The 10-yard line will function as the goal line at this game. In lieu of kickoffs, the ball will be placed at the 15-yard line."

Raiders fullback Keith Smith told ESPN he forgot the 10-yard line was the reconfigured goal line when he scored on a 15-yard touchdown in the second quarter.

"If you watch the play, I didn't stop when I scored," Smith said. "I thought I had 8 more yards to go.

"It had a backyard-footballish feel to it."

Posters to social media sites had a field day with the adjusted field. One person tweeted, "When you think about it, it makes sense: 100 yards of American football is 80 Canadian with the exchange rate."

Another person tweeted, "Since they shortened the field, can they shorten the clock as well. Maybe 10 minute quarters? Running clock? Anything"

It was not the first time an NFL game was played on a field that was less than 100 yards in length. In 1932, the Chicago Bears and Portsmouth Spartans played the NFL's first playoff game indoors at Chicago Stadium because of poor weather. That field was also 80 yards long, ESPN reported.

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