Rally Squirrel works his magic for Twins in win over White Sox

Rally Squirrel has brought excitement back to the baseball diamond.

The Minnesota Twins were at a 3-3 tie against the White Sox in the bottom of the fifth when something unbelievable happened -- a squirrel ran right through the legs of Max Kepler as he took the lead off first base, Twins Daily reported.

The outfielder said he heard the commotion from the fans but couldn't take his eyes off the pitcher.

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"I heard the crowd get loud for some reason and then the squirrel popped into my head because I saw him earlier, crawling on the wall in right (field) before the game started. But I couldn't take my eyes off the pitcher. Next thing I know, he's coming through my legs. I think this is his home now. He'll be back tomorrow if he's not sleeping," Kepler said.

Kepler had a big night in addition to the squirrel's stunt when he hit his 34th home run this season, according to Fox Sports North.

The squirrel then stole for the dugout of the opposing team before eventually running into the crowd in the left-field seats and scurrying along the outfield wall until he found a hole to escape the game.

The Twins went on to win Tuesday's game 14-4, according to Sports Illustrated.

And Tuesday's game wasn't the first time Rally Squirrel made an appearance at a Twins game. He or she was on the field on Monday night and spent some time in the Twins dugout, MLB.com reported.

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