Report: Man wearing GPS monitor flees police in Altamonte Springs, gets arrested

An attempted arrest at an Altamonte Springs gas station took an unexpected turn when a man jumped in a car and drove away, only to be caught by police tracking his GPS monitor, according to an arrest report.

Members of the Altamonte Springs police street crime unit followed Donald Morse to a 7-Eleven gas station on State Road 436.

Dashcam video shows an officer activating his lights. Morse, who police said was in the driver’s seat, shuts his door as the officer approaches his car.

Morse takes off. He swerves around another unmarked police unit that blocked him in and hits the car right next to him at the gas pump.

Investigators said he narrowly missed several other cars and people in the parking lot as he fled the scene.

"We definitely try to tactically approach these situations so that no one can get hurt or any property damage is caused, but he was pretty adamant about not getting caught,” said Evelyn Estevez, spokeswoman for the Altamonte Springs Police Department.

Four days later, officers tracked Morse to Wekiva Springs Road through a GPS ankle monitor he was ordered to wear a few months back after he was arrested on drug-trafficking charges.

Investigators said he was driving the same vehicle from this incident. They waited for him to get out of the car to make the arrest.

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