Rice Krispies Treats packages will have braille ‘Love Note’ stickers

Kelloggs is helping those who are blind or have vision impairments still feel the love from their family members who put together their school lunches. The company is adding braille stickers that can be used to cover the write upon area of the pre-packaged versions of Rice Krispies Treats.

Last summer, the company added the writable wrappers so families could leave feel-good messages to their children.  This year, it is adding Braille stickers and even recordable audio boxes can get the same messages, USA Today reported.

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"Rice Krispies Treats realized not every child is able to experience the written notes of encouragement on the writable wrappers. So we wanted to make these 'Love Notes' more accessible this back-to-school season," Emily Minardi, assistant marketing director of Rice Krispies Treats, told USA Today.

The stickers are heart-shaped and will include eight positive phrases. The audio box will allow users to record a 10-second message and can be re-recorded more than 1,000 times.

Kelloggs says that there are more than 62,000 children who are either blind or have low-vision in schools in the United States.

The National Federation of the Blind teamed up with Kelloggs to develop the new "Love Notes."

According to the group, Kellogg's founder, W.K. Kellogg went blind and still worked full time after losing his sight.

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