'She's not my type': Trump denies he sexually assaulted E. Jean Carroll

Credit: AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

Credit: AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

President Donald Trump denied Monday that he sexually assaulted Elle magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll in the dressing room of an upscale New York City department store in the 1990s, telling The Hill that "she's not my type."

"I'll say it with great respect: No. 1, she's not my type," Trump said, according to The Hill. "No. 2, it never happened. It never happened, OK?"

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In an excerpt published Friday in New York magazine from Carroll's upcoming book – "What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal" – the long-time columnist said she was assaulted by Trump in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman in 1995 or 1996.

Trump told The Hill that Carroll is "totally lying."

"I don't know anything about her," he told the news site. "I know nothing about this woman. I know nothing about her. She is – it's just a terrible thing that people can make statements like that."

Shortly after The Hill published Trump's comments, Carroll responded in an interview on CNN.

"I love that I'm not his type," Carroll told the news network. She added that Trump's denial of her assault followed the same pattern seen after similar accusations have surfaced.

"He denies. He turns it around. He threatens and he attacks," she told CNN.

Trump has been accused of sexual assault by 15 other women since the launch of his presidential campaign in 2015, according to The New York Times. He has denied any wrongdoing, sometimes saying that the women at the center of the complaints weren't attractive enough to be assaulted or claiming he has never met the women.

"Believe me, she would not be my first choice," Trump said to cheers at a 2016 campaign event after a woman accused him of groping her on an airplane, according to The Washington Post. "You don't know – that would not be my first choice."

Carroll says in her upcoming book that Trump recognized her when they ran into each other at Bergdorf Goodman because she hosted a cable television show at the time based on her long-running advice column, "Ask E. Jean." She said he asked her to advise him in choosing a gift for a woman.

Carroll said that after Trump rejected her suggestions that he buy a handbag or a hat, he asked her to model lingerie he was thinking about buying. She said she went along with him to a dressing room, thinking she could get Trump to try on the outfit.

"I'm spinning a comedy scene in my head," Carroll told CNN on Monday. "You see how funny that would be, to make him put that on?"

She said things got violent a short time later.

"The minute he closed that door, I was banged up against the wall," Carroll told CNN. "I hit my head really hard: boom. … The thing is, it shocked me. For a moment I was stunned, right? And then he tried to kiss me."

She said he pulled down her tights and briefly penetrated her before she managed to fight him off and flee from the dressing room.

"It was against my will, and it hurt, and it was a fight," she told CNN.

She told the news network she would be willing to work with New York police to investigate her allegation, though attorneys have told her the statute of limitations has passed to bring charges against Trump. She told CNN she plans to continue speaking about the incident.

"It's the only way to change things," she said. "We have to hold him accountable, not only him but a lot of them – a lot of guys."

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