Sons post dad's number on billboard as birthday prank, dad keeps number

Weeks after a billboard with his personal number went up, a New Jersey dad isn't changing his number anytime soon.

The Press of Atlantic City reported that Christopher Ferry's sons, Christopher Ferry Jr., 30, and Michael Ferry, 28, purchased a billboard March 6 ahead of their father's 62nd birthday March 16.

“Wish My Dad Happy Birthday — Love, Your Sons, 1 (561) 307-4879,” the sign read.

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The elder Ferry said he got an 8 a.m. text message that same day wishing him a happy birthday.

The number wasn’t in his contacts.

More than 20,000 calls from around the world later, the elder Ferry hasn't changed his number. Instead, Ferry Jr. told his father added a second line for friends and family.

The publication reported that the influx of calls and messages aren’t a problem for the father since he has unlimited talk, data and text on his cellphone plan.

“I’m totally flattered. I’m enjoying the attention. It’s all cool,” Ferry Sr. told The Press of Atlantic City March 8. “My phone is blowing up.”

The elder Ferry said he knew his sons were up to it once a caller mentioned the billboard.

“We don’t regret a thing. It’s amazing and cool on so many levels, we’re going to always remember this,” Ferry Jr. told “You name the country, we’ve heard from them. Well, except China.”

Ferry Jr. said he got the idea from his marketing background and a prank he would pull on his dad when he was growing up. He said he and his hockey team friends would tell waitstaff at a restaurant it was his dad’s birthday, even when it wasn’t.

"Either me or my brother would tell the waiter or waitress that it was his birthday when it wasn't, so they would bring out a birthday cake, and everyone would sing (to) him," Ferry Jr. said. "All the hockey dads would break his chops, and all my friends would get a kick out out of it. Every time, we would prank my dad when we were on the road, if we got a chance to." reported that the Ferrys may add a charity to the billboard before they take it down, and they may make the billboard a yearly tradition.

“A lot of people ask me what you’re going to do to top this, we’ll try to brainstorm, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something nice," Ferry Jr. said.

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