Squirrel goes nuts at church service in Alabama

Things got a little nuts when a squirrel entered a church in Alabama during Sunday morning service.

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The incident took place at Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church, WDHN reported. The squirrel entered through a stained glass window, triggering startled cries from church members and interrupting service. Senior pastor Bill Brunson used humor to keep the congregation calm and entertained while the furry interloper was ushered out of the church.

Brunson joked that the squirrel was encouraging members to "get a little more spirited than usual," WDHN reported.

At one point, a collection plate was used in an attempt to corral the squirrel, drawing chuckles from Brunson, who said, “I like that we’re now trying to trap it with an offering plate.”

Those church members with "squirrel capturing skills" were asked to help with the hunt.

Brunson also pointed out that he was reminded of the Ray Stevens' song, "Mississippi Squirrel Revival."

The squirrel was safely removed from the church, WDHN reported.

video posted by the church on Facebook captured the humorous incident and a second video showed ushers shooing the squirrel out of the church.

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