Standing brooms? Sorry, latest internet challenge isn’t real, again

Credit: Raimund Koch/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Credit: Raimund Koch/The Image Bank/Getty Images

If your social media feeds are filled with people doing what they say is nearly impossible - standing a broom upright with no support - sorry, they’re wrong.

The latest internet challenge claims NASA tweeted that Monday, Feb. 10 was the day a broom can stand its bristles without you holding it, CNN reported.

Too bad the claim is false.

It wasn't just yesterday. In fact, you can do it any day. And it's not the gravitational pull of the Earth. Really a broom stands on its own because of the center of gravity. It's low and centered over the bristles. If you get it positioned just right, you can get it to stand any time, CNN reported.

And like many other internet truths out there, this one is not new. CNN produced a piece in 2012 explaining the same challenge.

Online hoax busters Snopes confirmed it, saying the "challenge" dates back to February 2012, saying it works best with newer brooms that have "uniform, evenly cut bristles."

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