Starbucks barista accused of putting 'ISIS' on Muslim man's cups instead of 'Aziz'

A Muslim man who accused a Starbucks employee of labeling his cups with "ISIS" instead of his name, Aziz, said he may pursue legal action against the coffee chain, multiple news outlets are reporting.


According to NBC News, 40-year-old Niquel Johnson, whose Muslim name is Abdul Aziz, said he ordered three drinks Aug. 25 at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. Johnson, who was wearing traditional Islamic clothing at the time, said he told the barista that his name is "Aziz."

After the barista finished making his drinks, Johnson said he grabbed the cups and headed to a nearby bookstore. That's where one of his friends noticed that the receipts on the drinks listed his name as "ISIS," another name for the Islamic State terrorist organization, the news outlet reported.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Johnson said he was "shocked and angry" when he saw the receipts.

"I felt it was discrimination," he told the newspaper.

After Johnson filed a complaint with Starbucks, a company spokesman issued a statement saying officials "don't believe this was a case of discrimination or profiling," the Post reported.

"The barista mistakenly spelled it incorrectly," the statement read. "We have connected with Mr. Johnson and apologized for this regrettable mistake."

The company previously said it had discussed the incident with one of Johnson's nieces, but Johnson disputed that claim, NBC News reported.

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