Surprising engagement photo at Yosemite looks divinely inspired, student searching for couple

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

A Notre Dame student is searching for a couple who was taking engagement photos in Yosemite National Park several months ago against a stunning backdrop of rocky cliffs and green forests.

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Faith Taylor was in the park at the time and, from a distance, surreptitiously took a couple of photos of the pair.

Now she’s searching for the couple after discovering one of the photos she snapped is almost celestial in nature.

In the picture, a startling beam of light engulfs the man and woman as they stand hand-in-hand on a rocky ledge gazing into each other's eyes.

Taylor said, at the time, she was too shy to approach them after taking the photos and didn’t want to interrupt their session with a professional photographer.

Then she discovered the incredible shot.

“… going back through my photos a few months later I thought they may want to see it,” she said in a social media post.

Now she’s trying to find the pair and has asked social media users to help her.

Her post has been shared thousands of times, but she hasn’t heard from the couple, yet.

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