Teen drives 138 mph because he was late for his curfew, police say

A Michigan teen who was cited for traveling 138 miles per hour told police he was just trying to get home because he was late for his curfew, according to WDIV-TV.

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The unidentified 17-year-old was eventually caught after driving nearly twice the posted speed limit, despite "ducking off" I-75 to a nearby road, according to police.

The teen was given a speeding ticket for driving 138 in a 70 mph zone.

The Michigan State Police Twitter account posted about the incident:

This just in from the Metro North Post: SMH Award: 17 and late for curfew! On 11/23 at 845P troopers clocked a 2012 Chevy traveling 138 miles per hour in the left lane of I 75 Northbound and Holly Rd. The driver tried to duck off on to E Holly Rd but was caught by the trooper.

The driver, 17 years old, stated that he was traveling so fast and passing other cars and ducking in and out of lanes because he was late for his 9 30 P curfew. The trooper gave the kid a break on the reckless driving charge, but he did earn a ticket for 138/70 and the SMH award.

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