Thieves toss ammonia on dogs during robbery in Virginia, woman says

Credit: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Credit: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

A Virginia woman said burglars robbed her home and threw ammonia on her dogs during the break-in, WTKR reported.

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Linda Moore, of Norfolk, has five Pomeranians, and said she installed surveillance cameras to keep an eye on them while she is at work, the television station reported.

Thursday morning, Moore said her cameras caught three men breaking into her apartment, according to WTKR. The men were going through her possessions and at least one of them had a gun, Moore told the television station.

“I feel very violated to know that someone was in my house with a gun,” Moore told the television station. “If I was home, I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you now because that man came in with a gun drawn and it was ready to shoot someone.

"They opened my refrigerator, cabinets -- they opened the bottom drawer on my stove. They’re certainly not going to bake cookies."

What really disturbed Moore was the sight of a burglar tossing an orange liquid on the barking dogs, WTKR reported. One of the dogs had to be treated by a veterinarian, she said.

“(My dogs) were scared to death. Running around outside, they didn’t know where they were going," Moore told the television station. "I wasn’t here, and I feel bad that I wasn’t here to protect them, but I shouldn’t have to protect them inside their own home.”

Moore said nothing was taken from her apartment, but she still feels violated.

"My safety and security is gone," Moore told WTKR. "I won't get that back for quite a while."

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