Tips to avoid getting sick on Super Bowl Sunday

During flu season, something you generally want to avoid is being in close quarters with a dozen or so other people. But this weekend, many people are bound to be doing just that while watching the Super Bowl.

Medical experts conducted research that shows the flu spikes over Super Bowl weekend.

Here's how to avoid catching the flu Sunday:

1. Wash your hands

Make sure you tell everyone to wash their hands regularly, too, or have some hand sanitizer standing by for guests.

Experts say cloth towels are one way to spread germs. So they recommend having paper towels both in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

2. Use a serving utensil

Consumer Reports advises making sure there’s a serving utensil - and if there isn’t, politely ask the host for one.

3. Label your drink

There are bound to be several drinks all over the place. If you’re not sure which is yours, opt for a new beverage to avoid germs.

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