Twice as nice: Anonymous patron picks up tab for Cracker Barrel customers two times in a week

Picking up the tab for patrons at a restaurant is heartwarming. Doing it twice in the same week is very generous.

A patron eating at a Cracker Barrel in Florida decided to foot the bill on two separate days, Bay News 9 reported. The person, who asked to remain anonymous, paid the checks for up to 150 people Sunday, spending nearly $2,000, according to James Wood, the manager of the St. Petersburg restaurant.

Wood told Bay News 9 the man came into the restaurant at 6 p.m., and when he finished his dinner an hour later he decided to pick up the check for everyone still seated.

It was a repeat performance. Three days earlier, the same person paid the bill for all persons dining alone.

"He asked if he could take care of the checks of anybody who was dining with us that was by themselves. He took care of all their checks, and compensated all the servers for their gratuity as well," Wood told Bay News 9. "He wanted to remain anonymous, he just wanted to do it and wish them a happy holiday."

Linda Schneegold and her sister, Suzi, were two of the beneficiaries of the man’s kindness. Schneegold was browsing in the restaurant’s store while her sister waited on line to pay their bill.

"Suzi then came running out to me, 'Did you hear what happened?' I said, 'No.' She goes, 'There is a man in here, he's paid for everybody's meal," Schneegold told Bay News 9. "Just an amazing person, amazing person. If you see this, God bless you, I love you."

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