Twins born on different days, in different decades

An Indiana family welcomed not only one but two bundles of joy to ring in the new year. But the twins weren’t born on the same day or even in the same decade.

Joslyn and Jaxson were due Feb. 19, but they decided to come early, WTHR reported.

Dawn Gilliam, Josyln and Jaxson’s mom was worried that the babies were not moving, so she went to the hospital on New Year’s Eve. With less than half an hour before the start of 2020, Joslyn was born.

Just after the calendar flipped to 2020, Jaxon was born, about 30 minutes after his big sister, the Indianapolis Star reported.

The babies are expected to be in the hospital for a little while since they're both on feeding tubes, WTHR reported.

Once they’re strong enough to go home, they’ll have not only their parents but also two big brothers to watch out for them.

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