Unhappy campers: Arizona family's trip disrupted by curious bear

An Arizona family's camping trip turned scary last weekend after a bear attacked their trailer three times and even walked on the camper's roof.

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Bobby Campbell and his family traveled to Bear Canyon Lake in northern Arizona. The Campbells saw a few bears after parking their camper but did not think much of it, KNXV reported.

"We look over, and there are a bear and a cub, so that was pretty crazy," Campbell told the television station. "We're like, 'Wow.' Little did we know that was gonna become the norm of the weekend."

Things got a little scary after that, as one bear tried to break into the camper through a window, and then through a door, KTVK reported. A few hours later, the bear returned, climbed a tree and scrambled onto the roof of the camper, the television station reported.

"You could see it up there and you could just feel the trailer rocking," Campbell told KTVK.

According to the family, the bear even broke through an upper air vent and shattered it. At one point, all that separated family from the animal was a mere few feet of space.

"It was surreal at that moment," said Campbell. "It was like 'Oh my god! There's a bear on our roof!"

Family members said the same bear returned in the middle of the night,

"Wow here's the bear, come back with all our lights on, the generator running and here's the bear touching our camper," Campbell told KNXV.

When the animal began clawing and grawing at a vent to try to enter the camper, Campbell's wife had an idea.

"My wife looks at me and says , 'I'm gonna set the alarm off,' which was a great idea, spur of the moment, and she set it off and it just ran," Campbell told KNXV.

That worked, and the bear ran away. Campbell said the animal never returned, but he was wary for the rest of his vacation

"Kept one eye open the rest of the night," Campbell told KNXV.

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