Videos show bats flying inside Texas Walmart

Credit: Ian Waldie

Credit: Ian Waldie

A Texas Walmart location is getting extra attention after shoppers recorded videos of bats flying around the store.

According to TV station ABC13, the bats apparently live in the lawn and garden section of the store located just south of Houston in Alvin. The animals made their way into the supermarket area where items like meats are sold.

On Tuesday, the official City of Alvin account posted a press release on Twitter, stating that a health inspector had investigated the situation and the store would be required to close if bats were found in the food areas again. The city's Wednesday press release stated that "bat guano in the lawn and garden area had been cleaned" and "there was no evidence of bat guano accumulated on any other walls throughout the store."

An environmental company and bat specialist had also made trips to the Walmart location, according to the city.

Officials are working on sealing possible entry points for the bats into the building.

Watch videos of the bats flying in the store below:

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