Watch: Man goes on destructive rampage in Target store

Surveillance video obtained by KIRO appears to show a 41-year-old man going on a 15-minute destructive shoplifting spree wherein he terrorized Target workers and customers last month.

Authorities said he returned to steal from the store twice more over the next three days before he was arrested by police.

According to King County court documents, Jason L. Lewis entered the downtown store Aug. 17. He confronted workers, headbutted a Target sales associate, destroyed displays, tried to kick open a locked display containing Apple iPads and threw the heavy display down a store escalator while customers scrambled to get out of the way.

According to court documents, Target employees were told to get out of Lewis' way for their own safety, leaving him alone behind a store counter.

Surveillance video appears to show Lewis using one display as a weapon, swinging it like a sledgehammer while trying to break a secure case loaded with Apple iPads and Watches. When that didn't work, Lewis can be seen in the video repeatedly kicking the case.

Desperate to break it open, the video shows Lewis destroyed a video monitor and flipped the display case onto the Target floor and shoved it down the aisles of the store.

At one point, Lewis can be seen shoving the heavy Apple display down an escalator as people were riding on it.

Court documents say Lewis loaded every iPad and Apple Watch from the case into his duffel bag, which police say he stole the same day from the Columbia store down the street, along with the clothes he was wearing.

Surveillance footage appears to show Lewis carrying heavy duffel bags loaded with stolen merchandise. He was confronted by a Target loss prevention manager at the door in an effort to stop him, but Lewis was able to leave the store with the bags, according to authorities.

According to police documents, Lewis was arrested later the same day for suspected car prowling in West Seattle. KIRO learned Lewis was released from the King County Jail on Aug. 19.

Lewis is also accused of threatening to kill employees at Belltown Storage, claiming he was "the truth," and entering the downtown Target store twice more to steal items before police chased him down and arrested him a second time, on Aug. 21.

Court documents indicate Lewis has a long criminal history that includes threats of terrorism and assault with a deadly weapon convictions in Texas.

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