Wife found face down on road with fractured skull, husband charged with assault, police say

A Memphis man is behind bars and his wife is recovering in a hospital after what law enforcement officials said was a violent incident Wednesday evening.

When deputies arrived on the scene of an aggravated assault, the victim was laying outside her vehicle – face down and bloody on the road.

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Blood was coming from the victim's head, and she appeared to be in severe pain, according to authorities. She was continuously screaming "help me!" The woman was taken to a hospital.

Doctors determined the victim had a skull fracture and a puncture wound on her head.

While deputies searched the area where the woman was found, a man wearing all black clothing was found walking in the area. He was identified as Franklin Burleson, the woman's husband.

Deputies said Burleson appeared to be disheveled, had blood on his hands, dirt on his clothes and shoes, was sweating and his sweatshirt appeared to be torn.

When deputies searched the victim's home, the garage door was up with the interior door open to the house where they found bloody clothes and rags in the laundry room, evidence of a disturbance in the kitchen, blood in the sink and a bloody pillow on the counter that appeared to be partially cleaned.

Burleson has been charged with aggravated assault and is being held in jail on a $20,000 bond.

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