Will airports be affected by government shutdown?

Many federal agencies are disrupted as a partial government shutdown began early Saturday.

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Wondering about air travel? Here’s what you should know.

Air travel services should continue to operate without interruptions, as should U.S. Customs and Protection agents. Amtrak, a government-owned corporation, would also function as usual.

That's because employees under the Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation Security Administration are considered essential. They are necessary to protect life and property, performing such actions as processing passengers, USA Today reported.

These employees may not be paid on time, though.

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More than 50,000 TSA agents and more than 50,000 CBP agents would be working without pay, according to a fact sheet released by the Democratic staff of the Senate Appropriations Committee. These essential employees are typically paid retroactively whenever Congress approves a funding bill.

If you're curious about the federal departments and services that would be affected by a shutdown, take a look here.

Credit: Win McNamee

Credit: Win McNamee

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