NH woman and family searching for mother during California wildfires

The wildfires in California have a New Hampshire woman and her family desperately searching for their mother.

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Diane Forsman said her 83-year-old mother could be trapped inside a home surrounded by the wildfires.

"She's alone and her town is on fire, please pray," a Facebook post from Forsman's boyfriend read, begging for prayers for her mother Jean.

"With my mom, unfortunately we don't know where she is," Forsman said. "She's basically missing at this point."

Forsman's mother lives with rheumatoid arthritis and breathes through an oxygen tank.

Her caretaker couldn't get back to her Thursday after the wildfire suddenly swept through Magaila, her northern California neighborhood.

"In the time that he happened to leave, that's when the evacuation order came out, and he was not able to get back in," Forsman said. "He tried desperately, but they just simply couldn't let anyone back in."

No one has heard from the mother since, as the family couldn't get through to 911.

Emergency responders told the family they've had more than 1,000 calls about missing persons.

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On Saturday morning, the family was told her neighborhood in California is too dangerous to continue search and rescue operations.

"To see the pictures, they look apocalyptic," Forsman said. "It's terrible. It's been heartbreaking. There's been moments of hope where we've, you know, had good news. It's been a rollercoaster ride."

While being 3,000 miles away from the unknown is painful, Forsman said she's found comfort in social media, clinging to any piece of information she can get.

"It's actually been really incredible," Forsman said. "The response, and it's kind of been called a global effort in a way."

Forsman's family is asking everyone to share her mother's picture, and they say she could be with her dog, Winnie.

"She could be in a pocket that's safe, or be in an area that's surrounded by fire and still be OK," Forsman said. "You never know."

The family is also asking for prayers.

"We're just, again, hoping and praying," Forsman said. "She's a tough lady and that she's going to make it through."

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