Woman arrested for DUI after driving car on rim with margarita in cupholder

A woman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after she approached officers while driving a car with three tires with a full margarita in a cupholder, investigators said.

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Officers were on an unrelated traffic stop when they heard Amy Ann Dillion from about a block away approaching in a wrecked car that was missing the tire from one of the wheels, Tulsa police said on Facebook.

"A citizen did call about this car about 15 minutes prior but could not locate it," a spokesperson said in a statement. "I assume she was driving on it for sometime."

They ended that stop and started another.

Dillion told officers she had two shots of tequila. During the interview, officers noticed she also had a full margarita in a cupholder.

Dillion was arrested and charged with DUI second offense, operating a vehicle with defective tires, having an open container and not being in possession of her driver’s license while driving.

She could also face hit-and-run charges if investigators determine what it was she hit.

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