Woman killed in freak accident while taking children to school

Amrita Dey, the mother of twin 11-year-old girls, was rushing to get them to school when she slipped and was run over by her vehicle.

"She has been a ray of sunshine and breath of fresh air, always looking out for the children, treating them as if they're her own," said South Fayette Intermediate School Principal Tom Kaminski.

Dey was on the school bus Tuesday morning as a bus aide but didn't make it back to school for her duties as a recess aide.

“Two of the nicest students in the building, loved by everyone, hardworking, intelligent, beautiful little girls and, unfortunately, this terrible thing has befallen them,” said Kaminski.

Investigators said Dey was rushing to get her girls to school.

They believe her foot slipped on a pedal as she was getting out of her vehicle, but her car was in reverse and pulled her under, running her over.

Kaminski said students and teachers loved Dey and called her a super mom.

The district had counselors on hand Wednesday to help everyone deal with the tragedy.

“We also want to support the students who have a tough time not seeing her and have the students be prepared to support the girls when they return to school as well,” Kaminski said.

The Dey family does not have any relatives in the U.S. Family members are flying in from overseas.

Local friends have set up a GoFundMe account to help with funeral costs and help support the daughters.

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