Woman loses hair after conditioner from Walmart allegedly mixed with hair remover

A Wisconsin woman said she is "distraught" after her hair fell out in clumps following use of a conditioner product she bought at a Walmart in New Richmond last week.

The woman, Ashley Robinson, and her mother, Taffy Jo Timm, believe the conditioner Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume that Robinson bought and used was mixed with a hair removal product like Nair or Veet, according to news reports.

"My daughter Ashley Rose bought some two days ago and someone mixed Nair in her conditioner bottle!!!!" Timm wrote in a post on social media. "As I speak, she is losing hair and crying!!"
Robinson posted photos on social media showing her scalp with chunks of hair missing and her shower full of clumps of hair.

She went to an emergency room to make sure her scalp wasn't burned, which it wasn't, she said, but that her hair is still falling out.

Robinson said the incident has been "very, very traumatic."

"My heart hurts terribly. I don't even have any words to say to anyone as I just can't get anything out but that it hurts and has been scary," she wrote.

Timm said investigators would be reviewing surveillance video to see if they could determine whether the bottle was tampered with.

Walmart confirmed it is investigating the incident and that authorities are reviewing the store's surveillance tape, according to KTVU-TV.

Pantene did not respond to a request for comment, the news station reported.

Robinson said she went public with the story to warn others about what happened to her.

"My only intentions for sharing is to prevent it from happening to anyone else. Check your bottles where ever you get them, nothing can be trusted anymore," Robinson said.

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