Woman stuck 30 feet high in tree rescued after chasing drone

A Massachusetts woman scaled a tree to get her drone and found herself stuck 30 feet up.

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Police, fire and a technical rescue team used a ladder truck to help her down as dozens of people watched along Water Street in Milford.

The woman, Enid Diaz, told Boston's WFXT that she spent about an hour freezing in that tree and while neighbors think she's crazy, she has no regrets.

"I tried to climb the tree the first time, but my sneakers were making them slip, so I took my shoes off, and I had a better grip with my socks," she said, discussing why she went without shoes in the tree.

At nearby TD's Pub, a group gathered outside watching the woman clutching branches in the tree and her subsequent rescue.

"The fire department was here, the police department was here, the ambulance was here. It was a circus," said R.J. Malnati, a bar patron.

Multiple witnesses told WFXT that the woman climbing the tree to retrieve her drone wasn't the odd part.

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"She was hooing like an owl," Malnati said.

"Hoo, hoo! So we had no idea what was going on," said Dana Larson, owner of TD's Pub.

Diaz said she was only calling for her daughter and her friend down below, and not making animal noises.

"I never one time said, ‘Hoo, hoo.’ I’m not an owl," Diaz said.

Despite what neighbors think, Diaz, who was scratched up and sore, has no regrets. She is grateful she made it.

"The tree started shaking. I was like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna go down.’ And it was like, I was tired and cold, so there was times I felt I couldn’t hold on, but I did," she said.

And she's not done flying her drone. She says it still works.

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