8-year-old blasts teacher for 'lying' about Christopher Columbus in viral journal post

Credit: Spencer Platt

Credit: Spencer Platt

The story of Christopher Columbus is a common lesson taught in elementary school. But one student wasn't afraid to call out his teacher for some inaccuracies in a journal post that has gone viral.

King Johnson, an 8-year-old scholar from Chicago, opposed his instructor's traditional teachings about the European explorer who famously sailed to America in 1492. While she credited the historic figure for discovering the United States, the young man said he "didn't find our country the Indians did."

King shared his thoughts in a journal entry, writing, "Today was not a good learning day. Blah blah blah I only wanted to hear you not talking. You said something wrong today and I can’t listen when I hear lies."

Although he admitted enjoying the day off he gets from the holiday, the little one went on to say the only Christopher he acknowledges is Wallace, a line made famous by rapper Jay-Z that gives praise to the slain emcee The Notorious B.I.G.

He ended the note by asking, “How can white people teach black history?”

Johnson's teacher was "disappointed" by the reply, but the internet wasn't. An image of his handwritten response made its way online and quickly went viral on social media. Many shared and liked it, applauding the pupil for his spunk. 

The youngster's mother, Robin Johnson, told the Huffington Post she was proud of her son. She taught her children the significance of the holiday years ago, and now her 8-year-old is more "confident" that ever.

“It’s important to tell the truth because the world should be full of trust and love,” he said in the article. “Some things that I may not feel comfortable saying I can now say with more courage and to know that I will be supported.”

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