Young boy brutally beaten on bus, mother says attacker should be charged

A Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, mother is demanding answers after she says her 10-year-old son Landon was brutally beaten on the bus on the way to school by another student.

Landon was admitted to Children’s Hospital and treated for fractures and bruises on his face.

"I burst into tears. I just could not believe his face. His whole eye was swollen shut, he was crying, they said he had a severe bloody nose," Ashley Yates said.

The attack happened on the way to Friendship Academy, where Landon, who has autism, attends. His mother said he was attacked by an older boy in front of the bus aide.

"She didn’t stop the kid. I’m not saying she had to put her hands on him, but if you see that kid coming two or three seats near her son, there’s no reason you couldn’t have shielded him or helped him in any type of way," Yates said.

While Landon recovers, his mother has filed a police report and is pushing for punishment.

"Charges? Absolutely. Expelled, I think he should have been," she said.

WPXI reached out to the bus company, AJ Meyers, and was told there would be no comment.

A Friendship Academy spokesperson sent the following statement to WPXI:

"Due to student confidentiality, I am unable to speak with you in regard to any specifics. Although the Watson Institute does not provide student transportation, the safety of our students is paramount."

Now, Landon's mother is left wondering what's next.

"Why should he have to go through that? He doesn’t want to go to school and see that kid. He’s scared and I don’t blame him," she said.

She said she wants the child who assaulted her son to be expelled, and changes, to be made at the school.

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