Ohio turns to private sector to fix unemployment system issues; more details Thursday

More information about how Ohio plans to partner with the private sector to fix issues with the state unemployment system will be coming Thursday, Gov. Mike DeWine said.

“This is a question of companies being willing to loan us some of their executives, some of their experts, to come in and be of help to us,” he said.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic Ohioans have been frustrated by an overwhelmed and overloaded system, with many people struggling to get help.

“No one is going to work any miracle,” DeWine said. “This was an avalanche that hit along with the pandemic. The system was simply not built for this.”

The governor noted that while issues with the unemployment system has been a headache, the state has lots of workers who are working hard to assist Ohioans.

“But that does not alleviate the problem as far as if you’re not getting your check and you should be getting your check,” he added. “We understand the huge problem. We can’t fix this overnight, but we’ve reached out to the private sector to bring in people and we’ll have more about that to announce Thursday.”

Additional details about how the state will work with private sector and what companies Ohio has been in contact with are not clear at this time.

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