Springfield’s Sushi Hikari launching food truck

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

Sushi Hikari, a popular downtown sushi stand located in the middle of COhatch’s dining space, is getting a food truck.

Owner Chef Kway Say said he is planning on having a soft opening on Monday in the Kingsgate neighborhood area from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

After that, he plans on going all around the region to places like Fairborn, Huber Heights, Cincinnati, Columbus and Yellow Springs.

“We have a lot of opportunities in the whole area — Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton — we can go everywhere,” said Say.

Sushi Hikari isn’t the first COhatch vendor to make the food truck leap: The Painted Pepper recently reverted back to their food truck roots, and Chido’s Tacos will soon take their place in COhatch.

Sushi Hikari, however, will continue to operate in COhatch.

The food truck menu will be smaller than their main COhatch location, with 20 items to choose from. The menu includes fully cooked American style sushi and traditional Japanese sushi.

“It’s Japanese-American combined,” Say said.

In addition to cooked sushi, options of traditional sushi like a spicy tuna roll, rainbow roll and sashimi will be offered.

“Sushi is rice and vinegar,” he said in response to complaints about sushi being too ‘raw’ to eat. “Veggies, chicken, beef, I can do that, but I have to do this one (traditional) also.”

Other menu items include vegetarian rolls, California roll, chicken and crab roll, and Japanese street-style food. Prices will range from $6 to $20.

The truck is equipped with rice cookers, sinks and a prep area. With his wife taking charge of the main location at COhatch, Say and his sous chef will be running the truck.

His motivation for starting the food truck stems from loving Springfield’s community and wanting to change the stigma that many Americans may have about sushi.

“I don’t complain about McDonald’s, I don’t complain about KFC, but my food is fresh,” said Say.

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