Clifton Mill wins national TV show light contest

Dozens of residents in the area took congratulated Clifton Mill Monday night on Facebook for winning a national light fight contest.

The Legendary Lights of Clifton Mill won $50,000 in “The Great Christmas Light Fight” that aired on a national television show.

>> WATCH: The Great Christmas Light Fight will feature Clifton Mill

Springfield resident Scott Vogel said he’s never been inside Clifton Mill and didn’t really know the attractions available there, but now he’s thinking about going in to see what he hasn’t seen before.

“People compete nationwide. There were only four contestants and it was tough competition. I didn’t think they were gonna win at first, but it’s not just based on lights, it’s based on the community, too, and a lot of other factors go into it,” he said. “To beat the others out, yeah I’m happy.”

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Vogel said Clifton is a small town that doesn’t have many other attractions to prompt people to visit.

“It’s impressive, too, because that town is only about 150 people I think. If you blink, you’d miss it. People go down there for hiking and camping. There’s no stores or shopping, but only one restaurant and that’s at the mill.”

>> WATCH: Legendary Lights of Clifton Mill

This is co-owner Anthony Satariano’s 30th year. He started out with 100,000 lights, and this year’s attraction  involved  4 million bulbs. Vogel says that’s what impressed him.

“For the community to pull it off ... it’s not a local show, it’s a national show. Of course I’m proud,” he said. “I think as a whole, Ohio won. I think it’s going to inspire a lot of people who may haven’t known about it. They’re gonna think, ‘now we gotta check that out.’ It could bring people from other states. I just thought it was fantastic. They won, that to me is news.”

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