Texas police officer reunites with child he saved from hot car 6 years ago

Credit: Morguefile

Credit: Morguefile

A Texas police officer who saved an infant girl's life six years ago when he pulled her out of a hot car had a chance reunion Tuesday, KDFW reported.

Bryan Woodard, a Dallas County constable deputy, saved Jasmyne Gray’s 2-month-old daughter in 2012 after the woman accidentally locked her car door with the keys inside, the television station reported.

They reunited this week at a Walmart, and Cailey, now 6, is alive because of Woodard’s efforts.

"There's a little person that is still here because of me," Woodard told KDFW.

Woodard, who was working in the grocery store off-duty, was given a lifesaving award for his effort, KDFW reported.

Gray saw Woodard at the Walmart this week and immediately recognized him.

"And I was like, 'Do you know? Do you remember us?'” Gray said. “Because he could be anywhere, and I'll always remember his face."

"I've felt love before," Woodard told KDFW after getting a hug from Cailey. "But I haven't felt love to a point from a child where you don't know what to say."

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