Texas police shut down adult novelty store next to day care

Credit: fsHH/Pixabay

Credit: fsHH/Pixabay

Texas police closed down an adult novelty store Thursday that was operating illegally next to a children's day care center, KSAT reported.

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Leon Valley police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said his department was tipped off to the business after someone noticed a sign that displayed an adult website next to the day care center, the television station reported.

"We sent an undercover officer to verify they were selling sex-oriented toys at this location," Salvaggio told KSAT.

Salvaggio said the adult business was hidden in the back of the building, while three other businesses -- including two senior home health care businesses -- were located in the front of the building, the television station reported.

“They had no tax ID, so they were completely operating illegally,” Salvaggio said.

The sex shop will not be allowed to open again due to zoning regulations, KSAT reported. However, the other businesses will be allowed to reopen once they get proper licensing from the city.

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