The Classic Rock Experience in Middletown to benefit Ohio safety council



The Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio will celebrate its 75th year anniversary with a fundraising concert featuring The Classic Rock Experience at the Sorg Opera House on Saturday evening.

“We’re trying to empower the people. So many times, we think of police and fire to keep us safe, but really, we make hundreds of decisions every day that can either increase our safety, or decrease our safety, and we are trying to make people more aware…One example is increasing seat belt use,” said Kristy Duritsch, executive director of The Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio

The benefit concert will be held on Sat., Nov. 5 at 8 p.m. at the Sorg Opera House. Advance tickets are $25 for reserved seating and $30 for premium seating. Proceeds from the concert go to The Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio for programs such as “Safety Town.” Community members can also give a donation online at

The Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio is the local umbrella for safety awareness and community programs that help residents reduce risks on the road, in the workplace, at home and in the community. The council’s mission is to save lives and prevent injury through education and partnerships. The Safety Council also continues to put a focus on prevention.

The Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio is data-driven and collaborates with community partners to build the community and empower individuals and families.

“We look at what are the accidental deaths in the area, every year. It’s changed slightly over the years. Motor vehicle accidents used to always be the first, but now it’s accidental poisonings, suicide, motor vehicle crashes and falls. Those are the top four accidental deaths. So, we look at data like that,” said Duritsch.

Mental Health is another big issue now. Also, the Safety Council is partnering with the Middletown Health Department on a new initiative, “Middletown Connect,” working in conjunction with Ohio Health’s Improvement Zones, addressing the barriers to health within the Middletown community.

Operating as a nonprofit, The Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio has been in Middletown since 1947. It was first known as the Middletown Safety Council and founded after the death a young mother on New Year’s Eve in 1946. The woman was killed by a drunk driver on Sutphin St.

Many people know The Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio for its signature “Safety Town” program, which was developed in partnership with the Middletown Police Department. The program was started by Officer Harvey Poff in the late 1970′s. Officer Mike Davis was also a huge part of “Safety Town” and the Safety Council for years. He ran “Safety Town” for 26 years after Poff retired. More than 12,000 youth have gone through the “Safety Town” Program since its inception.

The Safety Council offers a variety of community programming such as Occupational Safety, Butler County Safe Communities and Coalition for a Healthy Middletown as well as driving classes.

How to go

What: The Classic Rock Experience Benefit Concert for The Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio’s 75 Anniversary

When: 8 p.m. Saturday; doors open at 7 p.m.

Where: Sorg Opera House, 63 S. Main St., downtown Middletown

Cost: Advance tickets are $25 for reserved seating and $30 for premium seating. Purchase tickets online at The concert is sponsored by the Middletown Community Foundation

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