At the South Pole, teenage explorer offers cold sandwich to critics

For a teenage polar explorer, serving up a cold sandwich is the biggest revenge.

Sixteen-year-old Jade Hameister became the youngest person to ski to the North and the South Pole and across Greenland, CNN reported. When she reached the South Pole earlier this month, the Australian could not resist sending a message to critics who told her "to make a sandwich," which is a catchphrase used by internet trolls to demean women.

Hameister posted a photo of herself at the pole with a ham-and-cheese sandwich on a plate.

“I made you a sandwich (ham & cheese),” she wrote. “Now ski 37 days and 600 km to the South Pole and you can eat it.”

The idea of taking a sandwich to the South Pole was a joke, but Hameister waited until the last minute to go through with the photo opportunity, CNN reported.

“There's been a lot of comments on it, which I didn't really expect, but I guess it's just kind of funny,” she told CNN.

Hameister made the 37-day trip to the South Pole with her father, a guide and a two-person camera team from National Geographic. She pulled a 220-pound sled 373 miles, CNN reported.

Hameister skied to the North Pole in April 2016, becoming the youngest person to travel the 62 miles from the 88th parallel to the pole. In May 2017 she became the youngest woman to ski across the Greenland ice cap without help, CNN reported.

Now, she is the first woman to travel a new route to the South Pole, skiing by way of the Kansas Glacier of Antarctica, CNN reported.

Here is a speech Hameister made on TEDx in August 2016, which sparked some negative reaction from internet trolls.

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