‘This is what Dayton can really do’: Dayton marketplace hosts food drive

The Entrepreneur's Marketplace, a center for pop-up shops in the Dayton area, hosted a food drive from 1 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. Sunday at 1109 West Third Street.

Tae Winston, the owner of the Entrepreneur's Marketplace, went live for a portion of the drive, where she displayed the group who had arrived to help, as well as the food she was planning to give out.

Winston said this is the second time her business had hosted a food drive, but this was the first time she had extra help.

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“This is so amazing,” she said in a livestream of the event. “This just shows you that the city can come together in a positive light. With all the darkness going on, this is what Dayton can really do.”

Winston and others put together gift bags full of food to gift to members of the community. Potatoes, snacks, bread and water bottles were seen in the bags.

Winston encouraged everyone to cheer “Gem City” while they worked to build the gift bags. She said they had both vegan bags and non-vegan bags.

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