Trump's Mar-a-Lago guests take different sides for Super Bowl

If President Donald Trump invites a few recent guests of Mar-a-Lago to the same party in the near future, there may be a fight of Rocky-like proportions.

OK, well, maybe not full-out fisticuffs, but at least some good-natured ribbing over a Trump Wedge Salad.

Sylvester Stallone, the man who made fictitious Philadelphia boxer Rocky Balboa a household name, has taken on the New England Patriots, who will face the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl on Feb. 4.

Stallone, who has lived in Miami and was a guest at Mar-a-Lago for Trump's New Year's Eve bash in 2016, unleashed a hilarious post on Instagram of a photo of Rocky's duel with Russian Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, but with Rocky donning an Eagles jersey and Drago sporting a Patriots jersey. The post states: "We Know how this one turned out ... We know who's going to win the Super bowl ... UNDERDOG TO TOPDOG!"

And the owner of the Patriots? Robert Kraft, a part-time Palm Beach resident and friend of Trump. And his starting quarterback is superstar Tom Brady, who also considers himself a friend of Trump and at one time had a red "Make America Great Again" in his locker.

Kraft is a frequent visitor at Mar-a-Lago. He and Trump became close after the death of Kraft’s wife a few years ago.

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