Woman donates kidney to firefighter who helped save her daughter

Credit: RawPixel/Pixabay

Credit: RawPixel/Pixabay

A Minnesota firefighter helped save the life of a 1-year-old girl nearly three years ago when the child suffered a seizure.

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Now, the mother of that child is a lifesaver as she donated a kidney to save that first responder,

Becca Bundy remembered when Bill Cox came to the aid of her daughter, Hadley, in August 2016 when the child had a seizure.

"He seemed to care, it wasn't just another call," Bundy told KARE about Cox, who has been a member of the Bearville Volunteer Fire Department for six years.

In October 2018 Bundy saw Cox at the Viking Bar, where he tended bar for 16 years, CNN reported.

Cox was wearing a bright green T-shirt that read, "My Name is Bill. I'm in end stage KIDNEY FAILURE And in need of a KIDNEY," according to CNN.

Cox, 66, was born with only one kidney and that organ was failing. He went on dialysis in January, CNN reported.

"I couldn't get it out of my head," Bundy told KARE. "I just said, 'I'm the one and I know it.'"

Bundy was right. Testing proved she was a match, and surgery was performed in February, the television station reported.

"I feel pretty blessed to be chosen to be on his journey with him," Bundy told KARE.

“Yep, she’s an angel,” Cox told the television station.

Days before the surgery, Cox gave Bundy a carved wooden angel he made, KARE reported.

"She's my angel. She saved my life and I thought that would be an appropriate little gift for them," Cox told CNN.

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