Joe Burrow as a fashion leader: Cincinnati Bengals QB keeps heads turned

What Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow will wear when he arrives to a football game keeps fans guessing, and intrigued.

He’s often seen with his iconic sunglasses (also called “buffs”) and with earbuds in his ears — no doubt with the sounds of hype music to get him ready for the gridiron matchup of that day.

The buffs are Cartier and worth anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000, depending on which version a consumer purchases, but folks can find knock-off versions online for around $15. When asked last year about why he was wearing them, Burrow told a reporter, “I just think they’re pretty cool.”

Thus, the “Joe Cool” nickname for the fashionable quarterback became even more popular.

His coolness factor has increased with every game arrival. Here are some of his most memorable fashion moments:

‘Lookin’ clean’ at the recent Bengals-Bills game, Jan. 22, 2023

The Bengals call it ‘Joe Sheisty season’ Jan. 15, 2023

Sporting the Cartiers again: Jan. 8, 2023

Joe suited up: Jan. 2, 2023

‘Unbothered’, as one commenter put it, entering the game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Dec. 5, 2022

Joe Brr is Joe Fur, and all love: The QB posted this one to his Instagram page on Jan. 30, 2022

‘Back on track’: Joey B shares his look in January 2021

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