9 must-eat sandwiches in Dayton

By Hannah Poturalski

Few things in life are better than a well-made sandwich. The cheesiness, the meatiness, the crunchiness, the toastiness...the list goes on. 

Luckily for us, there's a slew of sandwiches to try in the region. Here's a list of 9 must-eat sandwiches in the Dayton area.

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  • The Ruck

    9 sandwiches you have to eat in Dayton, item 1


    The Ruck at The Dublin Pub, 300 Wayne Ave is Dub Pub's No. 1 seller. It features smoked beef brisket, covered in house-made Guinness BBQ sauce, sauteed onions and cheddar cheese on a pretzel roll, said Gene Bowling, general manager.

    Photo: Hannah Poturalski


  • The Champ

    9 sandwiches you have to eat in Dayton, item 2


    The Champ at 5th Street Wine and Deli, 416 E. Fifth St., is “fairly stacked” with grilled roast beef, corned beef, baby Swiss, horseradish cheddar, sauteed red onion, banana peppers and Thousand Island dressing on toasted white bread, said Dave Runyan, assistant manager.

    Photo: Amelia Robinson


  • Smokey the Bear

    9 sandwiches you have to eat in Dayton, item 3


    Smokey the Bear at Charlie’s Deli, 429 Troy St., is a “big-time” sandwich, says owner Rod Vangas. It’s got Lebanon bologna, mesquite smoked turkey, smoked sharp cheese, Woeber’s smoky bacon mayo, and jalapenos on a toasted pretzel roll.

    Photo: Dayton Foodies Facebook


  • Brother Reuben

    9 sandwiches you have to eat in Dayton, item 4


    Brother Reuben at Christopher’s Restaurant, 2318 E. Dorothy Lane, Kettering, features a lean top round of corned beef, fresh sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing on light rye bread from Belmont Bakery. “Every bite is a bit of wonderfulness,” says owner Chip Pritchard.

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  • Donut burger

    9 sandwiches you have to eat in Dayton, item 5


    The Donut Burger at Diamond D’s Diner, 2301 Germantown St., has been an original on the menu since opening four years ago. It features a half-pound ground beef patty, pepper jack cheese, bacon and grilled onions on a glazed donut. Owner Barbara Vinzant says it was the combined brainchild of the staff.

    Contributed photo


  • The Cuban

    9 sandwiches you have to eat in Dayton, item 6


    The Cuban at DiSalvo’s Deli, 1383 E. Stroop, Kettering, was added to the menu after owners Mindy and Rinaldo DiSalvo were inspired by the film “The Chef.” The Cuban feature their own roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard and pickles.

    Contributed photo


  • Ladder 11

    9 sandwiches you have to eat in Dayton, item 7


    Ladder 11 at Jimmie’s Ladder 11, 936 Brown St., is the restaurant’s namesake and No. 1 seller. It’s hand-cut pastrami and corned beef grilled with homemade slaw and Russian dressing on a toasted hoagie bun or rye, said manager Nick Brandell.

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  • Slow-roasted pulled pork

    9 sandwiches you have to eat in Dayton, item 8


    Slow-roasted pulled pork at Trolley Stop, 530 E. Fifth St., features pulled pork with their own bourbon BBQ sauce, house-made apple cole slaw, pickles and chipotle mayo on a pretzel bun. “It’s a nice twist on bar food,” said chef Don Warfe. “We have some pretty serious sandwiches here.”

    Photo: Evan Leis, Dayton City Paper


  • Hamburger sliders

    9 sandwiches you have to eat in Dayton, item 9


    Hamburger sliders at Voltzy’s Hamburger & Root Beer Stand, 4668 Springboro Pike, Moraine, are a top seller at the 25-year-old establishment. They’re made with onions grilled inside with cheese on top. You can get 10 for $12, says owner Rick Volz. If sliders are too tame, give Volz two days notice if you’d rather tackle the 15-pound burger on the “Bill Clinton Divorce Finale.”

    Photo: Hannah Poturalski

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