5 of the best rides at Kings Island

Kings Island will be opening its gates on April 15 for the 2017 season.

The Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, which owns 13 parks including both Kings Island and Cedar Point, ranked No. 5 worldwide in attendance for 2015, according to a report by Themed Entertainment Association.

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Here are some of the best rides in the park:

The Beast

One of the four wooden coasters in the park, The Beast is a Kings Island classic. With 7,359 feet of track, this coaster is spread across a 35 acres of wooded terrain and is able to reach speeds up to 65 mph.

Drop Tower

For those who are afraid of heights, this ride is not for you at a shocking height of 26 stories. This Gyro drop, which is among the tallest in the world, will raise riders to a height of 315 feet and drop them with speeds reaching up to 67 mph.


If you like a little competition with your thrill seeking, this high-speed racing coaster is the one for you. With speeds reaching up to 54 mph, this wooden roller coaster has two trains that race neck-and-neck to see which one will finish in first place.

Flight of Fear

Get out of the summer sun with a pit stop at this total darkness coaster next to The Racer. Hold onto your seats, because this coaster launches its riders from 0 to 54 mph in just four seconds and completes four inversions before ending the wild ride.

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With twists, turn, and loops, the Vortex is only for the strong of heart - and stomach. With speeds exceeding 55 mph the 3,800 feet of track, this coaster takes the rider through two vertical loops, double corkscrew, boomerang turn and a 360-degree helix.

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