Nutmeg, world's oldest cat, dies at 32

Credit: Azlin Jamlus / EyeEm

Credit: Azlin Jamlus / EyeEm

The world's oldest feline, a 32-year-old cat named Nutmeg, has died.

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The pampered pet, who had more than nine lives it seems, passed away of old age in the United Kingdom, according to People magazine.

Liz and Ian Finlay first got Nutmeg 27 years ago when their cat brought a stray cat home. The couple named the stray Nutmeg and took him to a veterinarian. The vet didn’t know the cat’s exact age, but estimated he was about five years old.

Aside from an abscess on his neck early on, Nutmeg had a healthy life -- until he suffered a serious seizure and stroke two years ago.

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The cat made a full recovery, but unfortunately, his health soon took a turn for the worse this summer. Nutmeg passed away on Aug. 29.

“We both feel like our hearts have been ripped out. He was our little boy,” Ian Finlay said. “He went downhill so quickly it was unbelievable. He suffered from a bad tooth and he had rasping breath. We knew that when we went to the vet’s that he wouldn’t be coming home. It was an unspoken solace.”

Nutmeg was approximately 144 in cat years.

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